Green Coffee

Although we are used to seeing dark brown coffee beans when we buy them to grind at home you may also have noticed green coffee beans being sold as well. These beans are basically coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. They can simply be purchased in this state from specialist shops, online or even at your local supermarket in some cases and then roasted at home for yourself.

Normally coffee beans are picked, processed and dried before they are roasted and then passed on for sale to consumers. Green coffee beans will simply not have been through a roasting process. A lot of people do simply like to roast their own coffee at home. This allows them to make sure that they get the exact type of roast that they want to suit their coffee drinking tastes.


One of the big advantages here is freshness. Coffee beans that have been through the roasting process will taste great to start with but after a while they may start to lose their freshness unless you work really hard to store them well. Even then after a few days or weeks they simply may not taste as good as the day you purchased them. This isn’t an issue with green coffee beans.

Green coffee beans can actually stay fresh for months on end as they are simply kept in their dried and natural state with no roasting process. So, you will be guaranteed the freshest roast whenever you make up a batch. This means that you can simply roast your coffee as you need it in small batches and you won’t have to worry about it tasting stale.

Roasting green coffee beans can actually be a simple process and doesn’t need you to necessarily buy expensive equipment. You can invest in a specialist coffee roaster if you like but many people will use other ways to roast their beans. You can, for example, simply pop your beans in the oven, in a wide flat pan or in some types of popcorn poppers to get the results you want.

As well as getting extremely fresh coffee you may also get some health benefits from using green coffee beans. Some medical studies claim that this kind of bean has a high antioxidant content and may even, in an extracted form, help you with fat loss due to its chlorogenic acid content.